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The 14 November 2017 at 14h00

PhD Defense: Luis SEGUI-TROTH – Multi-Physics Coupled Simulations of Gas Turbines

Jean-Christophe JOUHAUD |  Cerfacs, Salle de conférence Jean-Claude ANDRÉ |  


The resolution of differential equations of diverse degree of complexity is necessary to simulate the phenomena present in the complex turbomachinery flows and in particular, requires accounting for unsteady effects that may have a preponderant role. Today, only the LES (Large Eddy Simulation) fully compressible approach has the required accuracy to predict the physics associated to reactive and turbulent flows in such complex geometries. This work covers the numerical modelling of physics in the near-wall region of a high-pressure turbine blade with special focus on thermal predictions. This work was supported by the European project COPA-GT, dedicated to the numerical multi-physics simulation of a complete gas turbine.


Edwin van der WEIDEUniversity of Twente, NetherlandsReferee
Guillaume HOUZEAUXBSC, BarcelonaReferee
Nicolas GOURDAINISAE, ToulouseMember
Tony ARTVKI, BelgiumMember
Franck NICOUDIMAG, Université de MontpellierMember
Karine TRUFFINIFP Energies Nouvelles, Rueil-MalmaisonMember
Laurent GICQUELCERFACS, ToulouseAdvisor
Florent DUCHAINECERFACS, ToulouseCo advisor



Thierry Poinsot officially entered the French Academy of Sciences

CERFACS |  8 November 2021

Thierry Poinsot officially entered the French Academy of Sciences on October 12. See presentation here :Read more

The AVBP code from CERFACS at the heart of for PRACE projects from the 23rd call

CERFACS |  30 September 2021

Cerfacs is involved in three PRACE projects of the 23rd call for which hour allocation runs from 01/10/2021 to 30/09/2022. Researchers from ECL/LMFA UMR5509 (Ecole Centrale de Lyon) and IMFT (UMR 5502) laboratories have earned projects entirely based on the use of the LES solver developed by Cerfacs AVBP and involve the support of experts from the CFD and COOP teams underling the importance and effectiveness of collaborations between French labs and Cerfacs. Alexis Giauque from ECL/LMFA UMR5509 (Ecole Centrale de Lyon) has obtained not only one but two PRACE projects! The first project LESFAN (RA0101, 30 000 000 CPU hours on Irene/Rome TGCC) is based on the use of AVBP in the turbomachinery version to study the generation of noise by a fan of a real airplane engine. The second, PRACE-EDGES (RA0101, 40 000 000 CPU hours on Irene/Rome TGCC) focuses on LES modeling of dens gas in complex geometries. To do so, the LMFA Team has developed advanced thermodynamic closures in AVBP allowing the direct simulation of such flows. Laurent Selle from IMFT (UMR 5502) has received CPU hours for the GASTON project (RA0061, 30 000 000 CPU hours on Marenostrum BSC) which aims to study the structure of hydrogen flames in porous materials. For this, IMFT and Cerfacs will perform coupled simulations considering the reactive flow with AVBP as well as the conduction in the porous medium with AVTP which is known to play an central role in the flame stabilization process. Carlos Perez Arroyo from IMFT (UMR 5502) received 16 Mh CPU hours on Joliot-Curie Skylake partition to support his project WONDER.Read more