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From 21 June 2021 to 24 June 2021

Workshop on coding standards

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Deadline for registration: 15 days before the starting date of each training
Duration : 4 days (28 hours)

Before signing up, you may wish to report us any particular constraints  (schedules, health, unavailability…)  at the following e-mail address : training@cerfacs.fr



This training course enables the participants to reinforce their practical knowledge in coding. Usability, maintenance, testing, reviewing are the main subjects tackled. Hands-on sessions with in-house tools are organized to put the theoretical courses into practice.

Objective of the training

First hand experience on how the code we write is used, understood, maintained and recycled – or discarded-.

Learning outcomes

The participants should be able to :

Identify some code bloatings (primitive obsession, god-class, spaghetti).
Research and select an external package adapted to his needs.
Target participants
This training session is for students, engineers, physicists and computer scientists who wish to improve their coding skills and reduce time lost in the side effects of brute force coding.

Prerequisites and registration

In order to follow this course, you need to:

  • Knowledge of Unix commands.
  • Basic knowledge of Python
  • The training can take place in French or English depending on the audience, level B2 of the CEFR is required.

To verify that the prerequisites are satisfied, the following questionnaires must be completed. You need to get at least 75% of correct answers in order to be authorized to follow this training session. If you don’t succeed it, your subscription will not be validated. You only have two chances to complete them.

Questionnaire 1 : https://forms.gle/FjANa2aBmjAkdXH77

Questionnaire 2 : https://forms.gle/hdrT2myBB77qN7Pc8

After completing the pre-requisite test and obtaining at least 75% correct answers, you can register:


Referent teacher: Antoine Dauptain


Every day from 9h to 17h30

Day 1

Code review on actual code brought by the students.
Introduction to linting

Day 2

Code review on actual code brought by the students.
Introduction to code bloaters

Day 3

Code review on actual code brought by the students.
Introduction to co-development techniques

Day 4

Code review on actual code brought by the students.
Introduction to maintenance costs and testing





A bronze medal to Cerfacs for “Allons-Y À Vélo” !

CERFACS |  26 July 2021

A bronze medal to Cerfacs for "Allons-Y À Vélo" ! Cerfacs is on the podium for its cycling regularity during the "Allons-Y À Vélo" period (May 25 - June 25) in its category (100-500 employees).During this period, 37% of Cerfacs employees came to work by bike during at least 4 consecutive days. "Allons-Y À Vélo" is a campaign organised by the association "2 Pieds 2 Roues" and "La Maison du Vélo de Toulouse" to promote the use of the bicycle for every day travels; all details can be found on allonsyavelo.le-pic.org . Cerfacs encourages its employees to use their bicycle to come to work as they benefit from the bicycle mileage allowance (FMD for Forfait Mobilité Durable) of up to 500 Euros per year.Read more

The H2OPE project wins the prize Joseph Fourier 2021

CERFACS |  26 July 2021

The H2OPE project wins the prize Joseph Fourier 2021 The prize, launched by Atos and GENCI, aims to reward the work of researchers, academics and industry in two strategic areas: Advanced Computing (HPC, Quantum, Edge) and Artificial Intelligence, and, in the 2021 edition , gives particular importance to Decarbonation. The 1st Prize was awarded to the H2OPE or “H2OPErability for safe and clean gas turbine engines” project from CERFACS in Toulouse. This project aims, via the LES AVBP code, to model at high resolution a mixed combustion process associating conventional fuels with hydrogen (bi-fuels) as one of the most promising technical solutions to achieve "net zero emissions" of CO2 in the industrial sector. It was presented by Walter Agostinelli, Davide Laera, Laurent Gicquel, and Thierry Poinsot. Press release :Read more