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Past Internal Algo-Coop Meetings


  • Turbulence in the age of data, Luciano DROZDA
  • An h-Multigrid method for Hybrid High-Order discretizations in CFD, Pierre MATALON
  • Code Generation for Lattice Boltzmann Phase-Field Models for Immiscible Fluids with High Density Ratios and High Reynolds Numbers, Markus HOLZER
  • Implicitly extrapolated geometric multigrid on disk-like domains for the gyrokinetic Poisson equation from fusion plasma applications, Martin KUEHN



  • A brief introduction to OOPS, Ogan ALPAR
  • Preconditioning of the bound constrained optimization applied to aerodynamics optimization, Selime GUROL



  • A Parallel Domain Decomposition Method for Stochastic Elliptic Equations, Olivier LE MAITRE (LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay)
  • Surrogate-Assisted Bounding-Box Approach Applied to Constrained Multi-Objective Optimisation Under Uncertainty, Pietro CONGEDO (INRIA Bordeaux)
  • CERFACS Meetup HPC: Introduction to Krylov solvers for linear system solution, Luc GIRAUD (HiePACS project – Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest)
  • Introduction to Multigrid methods, Ulrich RUEDE
  • Accounting for model error in the iterative ensemble Kalman Smoother, Anthony FILLION
  • Derivative-free optimization under uncertainty and multidisciplinary optimization, Benoît PAUWELS
  • Introduction à la méthode de Galerkin Discontinue pour les problèmes elliptiques, MBarek FARES
  • A Comparative study between algebraic structures for a goal-oriented efficiency in Scientific Computing, Jean-Baptiste LATRE



  • Modelling observation error correlations using a diffusion operator on unstructured grids, Oliver GUILLET
  • Improvement of history matching by application of post-processing techniques in ensemble-based methods,Sungil KIM
  • Quasi static ensemble variational data assimilation, Anthony FILLION
  • ABCD-solver: A Hybrid method for solving large sparse linear systemsPhilippe LELEUX
  • Investigation of a Nucleated-Polymerization Model applied to Polyglutamine Aggregation, Carola KRUSE
  • Space-Time Parallelization strategies for Turbulent Flow Simulations,Thibaut LUNET
  • Introduction to Krylov subspace methods for the solution of linear systems, Luc GIRAUD
  • Representing correlation operators on unstructured grids, Oliver GUILLET
  • Hard faults and soft errors : possible numerical remedies in linear algebra solvers, Luc GIRAUD
  • Resilient PDE solving approaches for exascale computing, Paul MYCEK
  • Towards error control in faulty computing environments, Markus HUBER
  • Adaptive refinement recovery after fault simulation, Linda STALS
  • Block Cimmino – ABCD-solver: A Hybrid method for solving large sparse linear systems, Daniel RUIZ
  • Generalized Golub-Kahan bidiagonalization and stopping criteria, Mario ARIOLI
  • Convergence rates and control sequences on Kaczmarz-type algorithms, Constantin POPA
  • Linear Algebra applications in the context of EoCoE, Philippe LELEUX
  • Characterization and Uncertainty Assessment of Channel Gas Reservoirs with an Aquifer Using EnKF, Sungil KIM
  • Resilient PDE solving approaches for exascale computing, Paul MYCEK



  • Physical log inversion under capillary equilibrium, Thibaud VANDAMME



  • Solveurs non linéaires rapides en mécanique des solides.Enrichissement de préconditioneurs pour des problèmes symétriques indéfinis et nonsymétriques, avec application aux systèmes point selle, Sylvain Mercier
  • Derivative free optimization methods for solving large size optimization problems, Nacer Soualmi
  • Beyond and behind linear algebra II, Jean-Baptiste Latre
  • Hermitian Matrices: spectral coupling and chaining, plane geometry and optimisation, Monserrat Rincon-Camacho
  • Passage à l’échelle de la régression linéaire aux données de grande dimension, Zakariae Jorti
  • Python as programming language for algorithms development: study, applications, examples …, Thibaut Lunet
  • Correlation operators based on the iterative solution of an implicitly formulated diffusion equation, Jean Tshimanga
  • An algebraic palette for scientific computing and information processing in small dimensions, Jean-Baptiste Latre
  • A general hybrid formulation of the background-error covariance matrix for ensemble-variational ocean data assimilation, Anthony Weaver






🎓Patrick STREMPFL thesis defence

Wednesday 4 September 2024From 14h00 at 17h00

  Phd Thesis       JCA room, Cerfacs, Toulouse, France    





🎓Benjamin VANBERSEL thesis defence

Thursday 5 September 2024From 14h00 at 17h00

  JCA room, Cerfacs, Toulouse, France    





🎓 Susanne BAUR thesis defence

Thursday 12 September 2024From 14h00 at 18h00

  Thèses Cerfacs       JCA room, Cerfacs, Toulouse, France