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Young PhD day – 2018, March 15th

Ph.D Student's Day

  1. MALÉ Quentin – Advanced numerical simulations for Turbulent Jet Ignition technology conception in internal combustion engines – CFD – Vidéo
  2. CARMONA Julien – Modelling of two-phase flow phenomena in an aeronautic injector – CFD – Vidéo
  3. CAZERES Quentin – Analysis and reduction of bio-jet fuels chemical kinetics – CFD – Vidéo
  4. CHRIPKO Svenya – Role of Arctic climate change on the mid-latitude atmospheric and oceanic circulation – GLOBC
  5. FIORE Maxime – Influence of cavity purge flow on turbine aerodynamics – CFD – Vidéo
  6. DUPUIS Romain – Surrogate models for aerodynamic and aerothermal applications – CFD – Vidéo
  7. DUPUY Fabien – Reduced order models and LES for thermo-acoustic instabilities in gas turbines – CFD – Vidéo
  8. ESNAULT Soizic – Large Eddy Simulations of heat transfer in aeronautical honeycomb acoustic liners – CFD – Vidéo
  9. COSTES Aurélien – Bi-directional fire-atmosphere coupling for on-demand simulations in case of forest fires – GLOBC – Vidéo
  10. GALLEN Lucien – Soot predictions in aeronautical combustors using Large Eddy Simulations – CFD – Vidéo
  11. LAROCHE Thomas – Liquid-gas modeling for two-phase flow large eddy simulations – CFD – Vidéo
  12. LAURENT Charlélie – Flame-wall interaction effects on the flame root stabilization mechanisms of a doubly-transcritical LO2/LCH4 cryogenic flame – CFD – Vidéo
  13. LELEUX Philippe – Hybrid direct and iterative solvers for sparse indefinite and overdetermined systems on future exascale architectures – ALGO – Vidéo
  14. LO SCHIAVO Ermanno – ANNULIGhT Marie-Curie project: Thermoacoustic instabilities in annular combustion chambers – CFD – Vidéo
  15. PACAUD Frédéric – Understanding and modeling the deflagration-to-detonation transition phenomenon in the oil and gas industry – CFD – Vidéo
  16. NADAKKAL Sreeijith – Simulation and optimization of the process Vapocraguage in the refinery furnaces – CFD – Vidéo
  17. VEILLEUX Adèle – A multi-element-shape extension for the spectral difference method – CFD – Vidéo
  18. ROUSSEAU Victor – Air-sea coupling over western boundary oceanic currents: benefits of high-resolution models in the representation of physical mechanisms and in present and future climate impacts – GLOBC – Vidéo
  19. QUEGUINEUR Matthieu – Investigation of unsteady phenomena in rotor/stator cavities on a spatial turbopump turbine stage – CFD – Vidéo
  20. ROY Pamphile – Uncertainty Quantification in a Costly Numerical Environment – CFD – Vidéo
  21. WISSOCQ Gauthier – Application of the Lattice Boltzmann Method to the rotating cavity flows of turbomachine secondary air systems – CFD – Vidéo
  22. RENARD Florian – Extension of the lattice Boltzmann method to compressible aeronautical flows – CFD – Vidéo
  23. BLANCHARD Simon – Multi-physics Large-Eddy Simulation of cryogenic combustion in rocket engines – CFD – Vidéo
  24. SCHUSTER Dominik – A new approach for numerical flow simulations in the domain of biomedicine, petroleum and aeronautics – CFD – Vidéo
  25. SHASTRY Varun – Numerical study of thermo-acoustic instabilities in spray flames – CFD – Vidéo
  26. TIBERI-WADIER Anne-Laure – Ensemble flood forecasting with an integrated rainfall-hydrology-hydraulic approach – GLOBC – Vidéo
  27. POUECH Paul – Large Eddy Simulation of isochoric combustion chamber and turbine interactions – CFD – Vidéo
  28. VILLAFANA Willca – Modeling of physical phenomena in a Hall-effect thruster and assessment of their impacts on performances and wall erosion – CFD – Vidéo


Safran R&T prize

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Happy New Year 2023!

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