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Young PhD day – 2018, March 15th

Doctorants day

  1. MALÉ Quentin – Advanced numerical simulations for Turbulent Jet Ignition technology conception in internal combustion engines – CFD – Vidéo
  2. CARMONA Julien – Modelling of two-phase flow phenomena in an aeronautic injector – CFD – Vidéo
  3. CAZERES Quentin – Analysis and reduction of bio-jet fuels chemical kinetics – CFD – Vidéo
  4. CHRIPKO Svenya – Role of Arctic climate change on the mid-latitude atmospheric and oceanic circulation – GLOBC
  5. FIORE Maxime – Influence of cavity purge flow on turbine aerodynamics – CFD – Vidéo
  6. DUPUIS Romain – Surrogate models for aerodynamic and aerothermal applications – CFD – Vidéo
  7. DUPUY Fabien – Reduced order models and LES for thermo-acoustic instabilities in gas turbines – CFD – Vidéo
  8. ESNAULT Soizic – Large Eddy Simulations of heat transfer in aeronautical honeycomb acoustic liners – CFD – Vidéo
  9. COSTES Aurélien – Bi-directional fire-atmosphere coupling for on-demand simulations in case of forest fires – GLOBC – Vidéo
  10. GALLEN Lucien – Soot predictions in aeronautical combustors using Large Eddy Simulations – CFD – Vidéo
  11. LAROCHE Thomas – Liquid-gas modeling for two-phase flow large eddy simulations – CFD – Vidéo
  12. LAURENT Charlélie – Flame-wall interaction effects on the flame root stabilization mechanisms of a doubly-transcritical LO2/LCH4 cryogenic flame – CFD – Vidéo
  13. LELEUX Philippe – Hybrid direct and iterative solvers for sparse indefinite and overdetermined systems on future exascale architectures – ALGO – Vidéo
  14. LO SCHIAVO Ermanno – ANNULIGhT Marie-Curie project: Thermoacoustic instabilities in annular combustion chambers – CFD – Vidéo
  15. PACAUD Frédéric – Understanding and modeling the deflagration-to-detonation transition phenomenon in the oil and gas industry – CFD – Vidéo
  16. NADAKKAL Sreeijith – Simulation and optimization of the process Vapocraguage in the refinery furnaces – CFD – Vidéo
  17. VEILLEUX Adèle – A multi-element-shape extension for the spectral difference method – CFD – Vidéo
  18. ROUSSEAU Victor – Air-sea coupling over western boundary oceanic currents: benefits of high-resolution models in the representation of physical mechanisms and in present and future climate impacts – GLOBC – Vidéo
  19. QUEGUINEUR Matthieu – Investigation of unsteady phenomena in rotor/stator cavities on a spatial turbopump turbine stage – CFD – Vidéo
  20. ROY Pamphile – Uncertainty Quantification in a Costly Numerical Environment – CFD – Vidéo
  21. WISSOCQ Gauthier – Application of the Lattice Boltzmann Method to the rotating cavity flows of turbomachine secondary air systems – CFD – Vidéo
  22. RENARD Florian – Extension of the lattice Boltzmann method to compressible aeronautical flows – CFD – Vidéo
  23. BLANCHARD Simon – Multi-physics Large-Eddy Simulation of cryogenic combustion in rocket engines – CFD – Vidéo
  24. SCHUSTER Dominik – A new approach for numerical flow simulations in the domain of biomedicine, petroleum and aeronautics – CFD – Vidéo
  25. SHASTRY Varun – Numerical study of thermo-acoustic instabilities in spray flames – CFD – Vidéo
  26. TIBERI-WADIER Anne-Laure – Ensemble flood forecasting with an integrated rainfall-hydrology-hydraulic approach – GLOBC – Vidéo
  27. POUECH Paul – Large Eddy Simulation of isochoric combustion chamber and turbine interactions – CFD – Vidéo
  28. VILLAFANA Willca – Modeling of physical phenomena in a Hall-effect thruster and assessment of their impacts on performances and wall erosion – CFD – Vidéo


Sparse Days Meeting 2019 at Cerfacs, Toulouse

Brigitte Yzel |  12 May 2019

The annual Sparse Days meeting will be held at CERFACS in Toulouse on 11th and 12th July 2019. Registration for the Sparse Days is free but we ask people who are coming to register as soon as possible although the deadline is June 14th. Please complete the registration form (deadline : June 14th) indicating whether you want to give a talk and whether you wish to attend the conference dinner. Although an emphasis will be on parallel aspects, any talk that has an association with sparsity is welcome.Read more

The Telemac-Mascaret User Conference 2019 will be held in Toulouse on October 15-17th

superadmin |  2 May 2019

The conference  is organized by the European Center for Advanced Research and Training for Computational Science (CERFACS), on the Météo-France campus, in the conference room CIC. The conference will start with a one-day technical workshop (October 15th 2019), followed by a two-day conference on October 16-17th. A gala dinner will take place on the 16th evening for delegates and guests. Please check  more details.Read more