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Four Cerfacs projects selected into 20th PRACE call for proposals.

The 20th Call for Proposals for PRACE Project Access received 59 eligible proposals, of which 45 were awarded a total of 2.11 billion core hours. CERFACS is implied in 4 projects with a total of more than 100 Million hours on Joliot-Curie HPC server.

–  2 projects where Cerfacs is the leader : CLEANERFLAMES and HIFI-CoSep
–  2 projects where Cerfacs collaborate : RockDyn and FULLEST

More details : https://prace-ri.eu/prace-20th-call-for-proposals-increases-number-of-systems-offering-gpus-to-researchers/


Swings oceanographic campaign

nasri |  11 January 2021

Christophe Cassou, a researcher at the Cerfacs/CNRS joint laboratory (CECI: Climate, Environment, Couplings and Uncertainties) will take part in the Swings oceanographic campaign, involving 48 scientists and led by two CNRS researchers. It will take place in the Southern Ocean on board the Marion Dufresne II of the French Oceanographic Fleet (FOF), operated by Ifremer, from 11 January to 8 March. 2 months sea explore southen oceansRead more

Best wishes 2021 !

Brigitte Yzel |  5 January 2021

Cerfacs wishes you all the best for this new year 2021!Read more