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H. D. R. Defense : Guillaume DAVILLER : “

  Wednesday 7 June 2023 at 14h00

  HDR Defense       CONFERENCE ROOM - CERFACS - TOULOUSE       Organized by Nathalie BROUSSET    

” Computational Fluid Dynamics Applied to Aeroacoustics: From Numerical Methods to Flow Physics Analysis 

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The main thread of this research project is the computational fluid dynamics (CFD), dedicated to the aeroacoustics applied to aeronautics and aerospace fields. The final objective of this program is to improve our knowledge in order to develop efficient CFD software to reduce the environmental impact of aircraft, helicopters, or rockets. With the aim to improve the physical models in CFD solver to help design, the analysis, understanding and high-fidelity predictions of compressible turbulent flows are the key points of these research activities. Aeroacoustics problems are by definition time dependent. Consequently, these works focus on the use of the Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) methodology to solve both turbulent flow and acoustics fields in complex geometries. Moreover, as most of the flows encountered are characterized by high Reynolds numbers, the use of High-Performance Computing (HPC) is also mandatory to reduce the restitution time. The topics presented in this research project are the development of high-order numerical methods, the adaptive mesh refinement, the turbulence modeling for boundary conditions, and the analysis of noise source mechanisms.


E. Lamballais – Professeur – Université de Poitiers – Referee
J.-C. Robinet – Professeur – Arts et Métiers ParisTech – Referee
P. Sagaut – Professeur – Université Aix-Marseille – Referee
P. Jordan – Directeur de Recherche CNRS – PPRIME – Member
C. Bailly – Professeur – Ecole Centrale de Lyon – Member
E. Piot – Directrice de Recherche – ONERA  – Member
F. Nicoud – Professeur – Université de Montpellier – Member
C. Airiau – Professeur – Université de Toulouse III – Member






Multi-architecture parallelism using Kokkos/C++ library

From Monday 11 December 2023 at 14h00 to Wednesday 13 December 2023 at 17h00






PhD Defense : Aurélien LINÉ : ” Modulation of European near-term climate change by multi-decadal internal variability “

Thursday 21 December 2023 at 15h00

  CERFACS - Toulouse - France     Organized by Nathalie BROUSSET    





Introduction to programming practices for scientific computing

Monday 18 March 2024