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Sparse Days Meeting 2017 at Cerfacs

  From Thursday 7 September 2017 to Friday 8 September 2017

  Conference       Salle JCA, Cerfacs, Toulouse    

Sparse Days Meeting 2017 at Cerfacs, Toulouse…

marking the 70th birthday  of Professor Iain Duff


September 6th – 8th, 2017

Sparse Days Meeting 2017 at Cerfacs

The annual Sparse Days meeting will be held at CERFACS in Toulouse on 6th – 8th September 2017.

Registration is free but we ask people who are coming to register now so we can judge numbers to see whether the extra day is needed and how large a lecture room we will need. The reason for this is that much preliminary interest has been shown because the meeting will inter alia celebrate a significant birthday of Iain Duff who was Project Leader of the Parallel Algorithms Team from its inception in 1987 until 2010 and is still a consultant to the Team.

We will not have any parallel sessions hence the need to know this when planning the schedule. Although an emphasis will be on parallel aspects, any talk that has an association with sparsity is welcome. The default length for a talk plus questions is 30 minutes.

Information on possible hotels is given below.

A celebratory conference dinner will be held on Thursday September 7th that will hopefully be heavily subsidised, especially for students.


Local Organizing Committee

Mario Arioli (CERFACS)
Carola Kruse (CERFACS)
Philippe Leleux (CERFACS)
Paul Mycek (CERFACS)
Ulrich Ruede (CERFACS et FAU Erlangen)
Brigitte Yzel (CERFACS)


Here is a list of hotels in Toulouse. The B&B hotel is very close to Cerfacs. The others are located in the centre of Toulouse. You should then take the underground line A to Basso Cambo and then the bus number 18 to the Meteopole stop (~30 minutes to go from downtown metro station to the Meteopole). The main gate at the Meteopole will then direct you to Cerfacs.