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POST-DOC : Aeroacoustic simulation of a FAN/OGV module with a LBM (Lattice Boltzmann Method) approach (in association with SAFRAN SAE)

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Required Education : Phd
Start date : 1 December 2022
Mission duration : 12 months, possible 24 months
Salary : 2400€/month


To reduce the environmental footprint of aircraft, engine and aircraft manufacturers are developing the next generation of propulsion systems. One of the candidates is the ultra-high bypass ratio (UHBR) engine, which can significantly reduce fuel consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions.
On these engines, fan noise is one of the predominant acoustic sources and must be reduced to meet aircraft noise certification. The most important component of this noise is the interaction between the FAN wake and the OGV (Outlet Guide Vane). For this, it is necessary to understand the physical mechanisms involved in this type of configuration in order to be able to reduce the noise. In that context, one of the possibilities is to perform accurate numerical simulations (CFD) to help understanding the noise mechanism.

This work is taking place within the framework of the European project Clean Sky “Advanced Modeling Capabilities For UHBR Low Noise Fan Technology” in close collaboration with Safran (SAE).


All the work and developments will be carried out in the ProLB solver, which is based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM).
The objective is to carry out an aero-acoustic simulation of a FAN / OGV module. To do this, it will be necessary to validate the “moving surface” functionality within the framework of a high subsonic model. In addition, the influence of the mesh size as well as the influence of the turbulence injection for the inlet boundary condition will be studied. The aerodynamic calculations will be coupled with an acoustic analogy to study the far field noise. In addition, different operating points will be studied (take-off, approach, sideline).

Finally, the results and their analysis will be reported and presented to SAFRAN (SAE)


Jean-François Boussuge (boussuge@cerfacs.fr)