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Simulation of a decarbonised industrial process using hydrogen (SAINT GOBAIN/CERFACS)

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Required Education : Master or last year school of Engineering
Start date : 5 February 2024
Mission duration : 6 mois
Deadline for applications : 22 December 2023
Salary : 650 EUros net

Decarbonizing heavy industry is a key issue in the fight against the effects of CO2. The aim of this internship is to estimate the heat-losses of an initial methane/air flame burner, transformed into a hydrogen/air burner to decarbonize a Saint Gobain (Isover) industrial process. 

The simulations will be carried out using the CERFACS AVBP code, which is the world reference in the field, in the CERFACS CFD team (around 80 people, including 45 PhD students), in close collaboration with the Saint Gobain (Isover) Recherche team. 

The configurations to be calculated are cases already tested by Saint Gobain (Isover), and experimental results will be available to verify the simulations carried out during the internship.  

Examples of CH4/H2 flame calculations with the AVBP code

During the internship, the trainee will mesh the geometry of an injector representative of the burner, then set up a complete reactive AVBP calculation. Particular attention will be paid to the size of the hydrogen flame and its interaction with the walls.  For each case, the species, temperature and velocity fields will be characterized in the burner. A preliminary heat transfer calculation will be performed in the solid part of the burner itself to evaluate the wall temperature using the CERFACS AVTP code. Finally, a coupled fluid-solid simulation will be performed to estimate the heat-losses of the burner. Heat-losses can impact the industrial process by reducing the target temperature which is compensated by using more fuel thus increasing its cost. 

Contacts : cparroyo@cerfacs.fr, poinsot@cerfacs.fr, dombard@cerfacs.fr