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Simulation of hydrogen safety scenarios in carbon-free gas turbines (European project with Baker Hughes)

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Required Education : Master or engineering degree
Start date : 8 January 2024
Mission duration : Six months
Deadline for applications : 21 December 2023
Salary : > 600 Euros/month

CERFACS is taking part in a European project called HYPOWERGT, which aims to run a Baker Hughes gas turbine on pure hydrogen. In this project with many European partners, CERFACS has a particular role: to simulate scenarios where hydrogen could be in an unexpected place during ignition or extinction sequences, leading to more or less severe explosions. CERFACS uses the AVBP code for these calculations. AVBP is the world leader in 3D simulation codes for unsteady combustion.

The picture below shows a complete AVBP calculation by CERFACS (C. Perez Arroyo). In HYPOWERGT, we’ll consider a section of this engine where a hydrogen leak could occur, and simulate the explosion that could follow.

During this internship, the student will learn about the physics of explosions and how to predict them with AVBP. He/she will also be involved in the HYPOWERGT project. A solid background in fluid mechanics and, if possible, combustion is desirable, as is an interest in large-scale fluid mechanics calculations.

The natural follow-up to this internship, if it goes well, is a thesis at CERFACS as part of HYPOWERGT from October 2024 to September 2027.