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Algo Internal Meetings

The Algo team meetings are short UNFORMAL seminars of about 20 minutes, dedicated to the introduction of the work done or in progress by the Parallel Algo team members. They are useful for presenting work you did before arriving at CERFACS, for rehearsing before a conference, for sharing questions on current research with your colleagues…

Beginners are particularly welcome !

We remind you that these meetings are required to be english-spoken.

You can register at this mail address : yzel@cerfacs.fr


2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Past seminars

    • “A Parallel Domain Decomposition Method for Stochastic Elliptic Equations”, Olivier LE MAITRE (LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay), 14/11/2018
    • “Surrogate-Assisted Bounding-Box Approach Applied to Constrained Multi-Objective Optimisation Under Uncertainty”, Pietro CONGEDO (INRIA Bordeaux), 14/11/2018
    •  CERFACS Meetup HPC: “Introduction to Krylov solvers for linear system solution”, Luc GIRAUD (HiePACS project – Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest), 18/07/2018
    • “Introduction to Multigrid methods”, Ulrich Ruede,18/07/2018
    • “Accounting for model error in the iterative ensemble Kalman Smoother”, Anthony FILLION, 06/06/2018
    • “Derivative-free optimization under uncertainty and multidisciplinary optimization”, Benoît PAUWELS06/06/2018
    • Introduction à la méthode de Galerkin Discontinue pour les problèmes elliptiques, MBarek FARES, 31/05/2018
    • A Comparative study between algebraic structures for a goal-oriented efficiency in Scientific Computing, Jean-Baptiste LATRE, 25/01/2018


CERFACS is participating in the Allons-y à vélo initiative!

Florent DUCHAINE |  16 January 2019

CERFACS is participating in the Allons-y à vélo initiative! (AYAV) The next edition will take place from 21 to 25 January. Let's go by bike means leaving your car in the garage, working on your legs and getting some fresh air! By promoting the use of bicycles as a...

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Cerfacs rewarded by two prices at the Safran Aircraft Engines R&T day – 17 December 2018

Florent DUCHAINE |  19 December 2018

On Dec 17th, Cerfacs participated to the R&T Safran Aircraft Engines day during which Safran AE and their partners presented their research and development work. Cerfacs research was presented on various posters providing a general overview of numerical simulation...

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