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PhD Defense: Thomas LIVEBARDON – Modeling of combustion in helicopter engines

  Friday 18 September 2015 at 14h00

  Phd Thesis       Cerfacs - Conference room Jean-Claude André    

Abstract :

 The growth of air traffic at the vicinity of areas at high population density imposes to make quieter aircrafts on aeronautical manufacturers. The engine noise is one of the major contributors to the overall sound levels. Furthermore, the combustion is known to be responsible for a broadband noise generation at low-frequency. In this work, a hybrid approach called CONOCHAIN based on LES of combustion chamber and analytical methods is developed and evaluated  to compute the combustion noise in a real turboshaft engine. The predicted noise levels are compared with the experimental results obtained from a TURBOMECA engine in the framework of TEENI project (European project FP7) and analysed in this work where a turboshaft engine was instrumented to locate and identify the broadband noise sources. Two LES of a single sector of the TEENI combustion chamber representative of two experimental operating points are performed as well as a LES of the full-scale combustor at high power. The unsteady fields provided by the LES are used to compute combustion noise levels within the turbine stages in both cases and compared with the experimental results.

Jury :

Christophe Bailly         Ecole Centrale de Lyon       Referee
Alexis Giauque            Ecole Centrale de Lyon      Member
Carlo Scalo                 Purdue University                Referee
Stéphane Moreau       Sherbrooke University         Member
Franck Nicoud             Université Montpellier 2      Member
Thierry Poinsot            IMFT Toulouse                    Advisor
Laurent Gicquel           CERFACS                          Co-advisor
Eric Bouty                    Turbomeca                         Co-advisor