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Environment and climate

The impact of human activities on the environment is an important issue impacting society. At Cerfacs, the “Climate Modelling and Global Change”  (GLOBC) and “Aviation and Environment” (AE) teams work on research and international programs about the evolution of climate change.

CERFACS researchers develop numerical models in relation with the different Earth system’s components, atmosphere component, surface hydrology and oceanography. These models cover a large array of spatial and temporal scales, and can be coupled with the OASIS or OpenPALM softwares, or include a data assimilation component (VALENTINA, NEMOVAR).

These researches are conducted in close collaboration with the Cerfacs associates, especially with  Météo-France, EDF and CNES, as well as with the CNRS laboratories and the Universities mainly belonging to “Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées” (OMP)  and “Institut Paul Simon Laplace” (IPSL).

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