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The 31 March 2021 at 14h00

PhD defense of Soizic ESNAULT – “Large Eddy Simulations of Heat Transfer within Aircraft Engine Acoustic Treatments”


Fig: “Vortex structures generated by synthetic jets on a representative configuration of an aircraft engine acoustic liner”


The OPTIMA project, funded by DGAC for Airbus, focuses on two major issues for propulsion systems : thermal protection and thermal optimization. The thesis aims at setting high fidelity numerical modelling for acoustic treatment devices in order to better understand the heat transfer mechanisms they trigger which could potentially be used to enable the optimisation of heat exchanges in engine nacelles. The study uses Large Eddy Simulations (LES) and completes an experimental study performed by Institut Pprime, Poitiers (France).

These modelling will aim at :

1.     Validating the numerical methodology, based on the experimental results ;

2.     Validating choices made during the design of the test rig ;

3.     Extending the operating point domain studied with the test rig ;

In order to :

4.     Increase the knowledge about the flow dynamics within nacelle acoustic treatments, complementarily to the experimental results ;

5.     Understand and control the role played by acoustic treatments in wall heat transfer ;

6.     Identify the parameters that impact the studied device performance.

The LES tool used during the project is AVBP (developed by CERFACS). It is a solver for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations. Its high scalability on massively parallel machines allows to have access to high order predictions on unstructured meshes in reasonable restitution time. It is widely used in the combustion community, and is more and more used for intern aerodynamics, thanks to the recent adding of new functions for turbomachinery simulations.

Keywords: heat transfer, large eddy simulations, acoustic treatments, aeronautical acoustic liners


Franck NICOUDUniversité de Montpellier (France)Referee
Matthieu FENOTISAE ENSMA Poitiers (France)Referee
Eric LAMBALLAISUniversité de Poitiers (France)Member
Estelle PIOTOnera Toulouse (France)Member
Stéphane MOREAUUniversité de Sherbrooke (Canada)Member
Arnulfo CARAZO MENDEZAirbus Toulouse (France)Invited member
Laurent GICQUELCERFACS Toulouse (France)Invited member
Florent DUCHAINECERFACS Toulouse (France)Advisor


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