Laurent Terray, Senior research scientist

         Short Bio

I am a senior research scientist at the European Center for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation (Cerfacs) located in Toulouse, France. I am also the director of the research unit  Climate, Environment, Coupling and Uncertainties (CECI) which is a joint research unit between Cerfacs and CNRS. I have also been an affiliate scientist in the Climate Analysis Section (CAS) of the Climate & Global Dynamics group (CGD) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado, USA, from 2016 to 2022. I was also a lead author for the working group 1 (WG1) IPCC 6th assessment report released in August 2021. I was involved in chapter 10 "From global to regional".


I am studying global and regional climate variability and global change in observations and models with a focus on air-sea interaction, coupled phenomena and teleconnections. Recent projects cover the question of climate change detection and attribution, dynamics of extremes, decadal variability and predictability,  the influence of internal variability on future climate change, the concept of polar amplification and the effect of sea ice melt on climate, the coupling and scale interaction in frontal oceanic regions, the impact of increased vertical and horizontal resolution in model-observation comparison. I am also interested in using Data Science and AI methods to some climate problems. I am also interested by epistemology and the history of science as well as ethical science issues.


In preparation, submitted or in press


Terray, L., Bador, M., 2024: Mediterranean Sea Surface Temperature Contribution to extreme land precipitation: the case of storm Alex. To be submitted to Environmental Research: Climate.

Baur, S., Sanderson, B., Séférian, R., and Terray, L., 2024: Change in Wind Renewable Energy Potential under Stratospheric Aerosol Injections. Submitted to Earth's Future

Bador, M., Boé, J.,Caillaud, C.,Terray, L., Moine, M.P., Alias, A., 2024: Mediterranean Extreme Precipitation: Amplification by Warmer Sea Surface Temperatures in a Kilometer-Scale Regional Model. Submitted to Climate Dynamics

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