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  • Ph. LELEUX: Hybrid direct and iterative solvers for sparse indefinite and overdetermined systems on future exascale architectures. PhD Thesis. Cotutelle France-Germany. Wednesday 3 Fébruary 2021. INPT. EDMITT.
    •  Jury: F. Nataf, A. Frommer, A. Ramage, H. Köstler, H. Fassbender, U. Ruede, M. Dayde, D. Ruiz, I.S. Duff, M. Bolten





  • J. B. LATRE: Hypercomplex algebras for Computation. PhD Thesis. Université de Toulouse – Ecole Doctorale : MITT. 18 February 2019.
    • Jury: F. Chatelin, M. Arioli, S. Petiton, B. Alziarychassat, Ph. Ricoux




























  • M. AhmadnasabHomotopic Deviation theory: A qualitative study. Ph.D. dissertation, Université Toulouse 1, October 2007.
    • Jury: J. Fleckinger, M. B. van Gijzen, S. Gaubert, F. Chaitin-Chatelin, I.S. Duff, J. Giacomoni, E. Traviesas-Cassan, J.-C. Yakoubsohn









  • C. Vömel: Contributions to research in high performance scientific computing for sparse matrices. Ph.D. dissertation, INPT, March 2003. TH/PA/03/26
    • Keywords: High performance computing, sparse linear systems, MUMPS, multifrontal Gaussian elimination, distributed memory code, dynamic task scheduling, sparse data structures, programming standard, Sparse BLAS, reference implementation, matrix norm, condition number, incremental estimators
    • Jury: E. Ng, J. Roman, P. Amestoy, M. Arioli, I. S. Duff, and A. Pothen


  • J. Langou: Iterative methods for solving linear systems with multiple right hand sides. Ph.D. dissertation, INSA Toulouse, June 2003. TH/PA/03/24
    • Keywords: linear systems, Krylov methods, GMRES, multiple right-hand sides, Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization, modern scientific software, parallel distributed computers, scientific computing, large scale numerical simulation in electromagnetism
    • Jury: G. Alléon, A. Bjorck, I.S. Duff, L. Giraud, G. Meurant, C.C. Paige, and Y. Saad






  • D. Orban: Méthodes de points intérieurs pour l’optimisation non-linéaire. Ph.D. Thesis, FUNDP/INPT, May 2001. TH/PA/01/09
    • Keywords: Smooth nonlinear optimization, interior-point methods, speed of convergence, degenerate problems, testing environment
    • Jury: Ph. L. Toint, M. Daydé, A. Sartenaer, I. S. Duff, J. Noailles, S. J. Wright, and J. Henrard



  • A. N. Zaoui: Deux Contributions au Calcul Scientifique I-Sur la convergence de la méthode des Itérations Simultanées couplée à l’algorithme d’Arnoldi itératif II-Autour du Calcul Hypercomplexe. Ph.D. dissertation, Université Toulouse I, December 2000. TH/PA/00/78


  • A. Bouras: Contrôle de convergence des solveurs emboités pour le calcul de valeurs propres avec inversion. Ph.D. dissertation, Université Toulouse I, Septembre 2000. TH/PA/00/77
    • Jury: J. Flckinger, M. Ahuès (rapporteur), P. Spitéri (rapporteur), F. Chaitin-Chatelin, and R. Beauwens ans J.-C. Bergès


  • E. Traviesas: Sur le déploiement du champ spectral d’une matrice. Ph.D. dissertation, Université Toulouse I, May 2000. TH/PA/00/30
    • Keywords: Normwise and Homotopic perturbations, backward error and pseudospectrum, Arnoldi and GMRES methods, eigenvalue problem and linear system
    • Jury: J. Fléckinger, P. Charrier (rapporteur), F. Dias D’almeida (rapporteur), F. Chaitin-Chatelin, I. S. Duff, A. Ilahi, and B. N. Parlett



  • A. Ilahi: Validation du calcul sur ordinateur: application de la théorie des singularités algébriques. Ph.D. dissertation, Université Toulouse I, June 1998. TH/PA/98/31
  • S. Gratton: Outils théoriques d’analyse du calcul à précision finie. Ph.D. dissertation, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, June 1998. TH/PA/98/30
  • A. Harrabi: Pseudospectres d’opérateurs intégraux et différentiels. Application à la Physique mathématique. Ph.D. dissertation, Université Toulouse I, May 1998. TH/PA/98/29





  • V. Toumazou: Portraits spectraux de matrices : un outil d’analyse de la stabilité. PhD thesis, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy I, 1996. TH/PA/96/46
    • Jury: M. Lalanne, F. Chaitin-Chatelin (rapporteur), B. Philippe (rapporteur), J.-C. Dunyach, V. Frayssé, N. Higham, and M. Gueury





  • T. Braconnier: Sur le calcul de valeurs propres en précision finie. Ph. D. dissertation, Université R. Poincaré, Nancy I, May 1994. TH/PA/94/24



  • C. Puglisi: QR factorization of large sparse overdetermined and square matrices using the multifrontal method in a multiprocessor environment. PhD thesis, CERFACS, Toulouse, France, 1993. TH/PA/93/33
    • Jury: M. Arioli, ø A. Bjorck, M.J. Daydé, I.S. Duff, J. Noailles, and B. Philippe


  • S. Godet-Thobie: Valeurs propres de matrices fortement non normales en grande dimension. PhD thesis, CERFACS, Toulouse, France, 1993. TH/PA/93/06



  • V. Frayssé: Sur la fiabilité des calculs sur ordinateur. PhD thesis, CERFACS, Toulouse, France, 1992. TH/PA/92/11
  • D. Ruiz: Solution of large sparse unsymmetric linear systems with a block iterative method in a multiprocessor environment. PhD thesis, CERFACS, Toulouse, France, 1992. TH/PA/92/06



  • Y.-H. De Roeck: Résolution sur ordinateurs multi-processeurs de problèmes d’élasticité par décomposition de domaines. PhD thesis, CERFACS, Toulouse, France, 1991. TH/PA/91/04
  • P. R. Amestoy: Factorisation de grandes matrices creuses non symétriques basée sur une méthode multifrontale dans un environnement multiprocesseur. PhD thesis, CERFACS, Toulouse, France, 1991. TH/PA/91/03


Tribute to Françoise Chatelin

Brigitte Yzel |  23 July 2021

  Tribute to Françoise CHATELIN   Virtual & Face to Face event @ Cerfacs 14 October 2021, CERFACS, Toulouse (France) 2 pm - 6.30 pm   Cerfacs is organizing a half scientific day on Thursday October 14, 2021 in tribute to Françoise Chatelin who left us prematurely on May 14, 2020   After graduating from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris (1960-63), and her PhD in Mathematics at Grenoble University (1971) , Françoise Chatelin led with worldwide recognition her research in many areas, from spectral theory for linear operators in Banach spaces and finite precision to Dickson algebras. Professor Chatelin taught at the Universities Grenoble 2 - Pierre Mendès-France and Paris 9 - Dauphine before moving to Toulouse in 1996. She became Emeritus Professor in 2015. She was a visiting researcher at Berkeley and Stanford Universities, IBM San Jose (Ca) and Yorktown Heights (NY). For almost a decade, she was a scientific manager in Industry (in charge of intensive computing) first at the Centre Scientifique IBM France in Paris (1985 -1992) and then in the Central Research Lab of Thales (known as Thomson-CSF at that time) near Paris (1992-95). Françoise Chatelin was Head of the Qualitative Computing group at the Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation Avancée en Calcul Scientifique (Cerfacs) in Toulouse, France. Professor Chatelin has authored four books; the first three are now classic references available from SIAM. Her second book Valeurs Propres de Matrices (Masson, Paris, 1988) has received the IBM - France prize for « Best Scientific and technical publication 1988 ». Beyond her scientific contribution, Françoise Chatelin played a structuring role on research at CERFACS through multiple thesis on innovative topics. This event is devoted to the human and scientific tribute of her life. As a faithful image of the active and passionate woman that...Read more

CERFACS is involved in the NextSim project

CERFACS |  19 July 2021

The primary objective is to increase the capabilities of Computational Fluid Dynamics tools on extreme-scale parallel computing platforms for aeronautical design. The Kick-Off Meeting took place on 12 March 2021. This project has received funding from the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement N° 956104. The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and Spain, France, Germany. For more information, please visit  EuroHPC website : Project webpage :Read more